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TweedleDUO is a puppet/human collaborative project. Antonio, the marionette, and Vladimir Nahimov, the human, created this venture with the ulterior motive of public enrichment.
At first sight, it appears as though a person is playing ten musical instruments while directing a specially trained marionette, who also plays music or dances step incorporating elements of acrobatics.
In reality, everything is much more complex, because who the head of the duo isthe human or the marionetteis not understood by even the members of the group themselves.
Aside from their artistic work, Antonio and Vladimir devote much time to scientific research on a broad topic, beginning with the issue of the future relationship between puppets and people, and ending with an analysis of marionette law.
TweedleDUO love being commissioned to perform for a fee. They can play at various childrens festivities, corporate parties, celebratory gatherings, coronations, funerals, and other events by request.
Anyone who happens to be in the same geographic location as TweedleDUO can employ their services. The duo spends six months of the year in their hometown, Saint Petersburg, and travel through Western Europe to promote culture the rest of their time.

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